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BlogOnCloud9 was born out of the desire for great WordPress hosting.

Our parent company, ContentRobot, has recommended a variety of hosts since we started our full-service blogging company four years ago. We would be happy to provide our clients with a name or two that we thought were solid services at decent prices.

Unfortunately, as we (and WordPress) evolved, we found that hosts seemed to become increasingly unable to successfully serve and support the platform. As time went on, we became reticent to suggest hosting companies that we had routinely liked in the past.

During the summer of 2009, however, we started to upgrade our clients to WordPress 2.8 and found that many sites were having trouble staying up or were now extremely sluggish. Despite fiddling with plugins like WP Super Cache and applying server tweaks, we seemed to be losing a battle with site performance. The common denominator was shared hosting plans, which were failing popular sites.

Why didn’t ContentRobot offer hosting?

Clients would often ask us if we would host their blogs and blog-powered websites, but we were unsure if we wanted to take on that responsibility. We are now ready to step up and offer a WordPress hosting environment that we had only dreamed about.

We had experience with a variety of hosts and their configurations and believe that Rackspace Cloud Sites will give our clients the best environment on which to blog and get down to business.

Going beyond the technology, we had also run into the barriers of not being able to get proper WordPress support. To most hosts, it was just a piece of software and they weren’t bothering to learn how to assist with optimal configurations or even research resolutions to any problems with the software.

How about WordPress support?

Along with hosting, we are offering our years of expertise that we have garnered at ContentRobot. Not only to help clients with installing, configuring and WordPress and its related software, but to help clients with any of their blog-related issues (support, migrations, upgrades, and more).

And finally, we love WordPress because of its generous community that provides so many solutions with plugins, widgets, and third-party add-ons. Sometimes, though, too many choices lead  to problems.

ContentRobot has taken the time to find and review the best-in-class solutions. We know what works and what doesn’t work. Also, who are the key developers are and who are actively involved in updates and enhancements.

Now, BlogOnCloud9 customers can take advantage of our custom WordPress installation which will give you blogging, security, spam, SEO, and metrics tools, designed to help you manage your blog from the get-go.

We are excited to offer cloud-based WordPress hosting. Welcome to BlogOnCloud9.

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